Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I keep meaning to use this blog I have ideas and things I want to write about, but then I forget and I'm working and just doing other stuff, basically lots of excuses so 4 weeks or so before I'm back at uni and I WILL post some things :).

So I guess this first post can be an introduction!

1. I have 2 beautiful exotic kittys that I love love love! Cuddles has long hair and is white, ginger and black. Snarf has short hair and is grey, white and ginger, they are sisters! They are my babies and I'll talk about them to anyone who will listen, I post tonnes of photos of them and generally think a lot of cat related thoughts. Cats are a serious stress reliever and have made my life full of fluffy cuteness (and A LOT of furry clothes).

I love that photo of baby Snarf being a little parrot on my shoulder :)

2. I'm about to go into my 4th year at uni studying International Fashion Branding and I cannot believe how quickly time has gone! I remember my first day and it seems like only a year ago!

3. I'll post on here about my cats, general life things and fashion/make up and all other things I'm interested in!

So I finally managed my first post after months of procrastination, whooooops, hopefully I can do a few more this week :)

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