Saturday, 28 September 2013

Monthly Favourites

I can't believe its been a month since my last monthly favourites! September has passed really quickly and now that I'm back at uni and really busy I know every month will pass too quickly and I won't have much time to blog and read blogs so I'm trying to cram in as much as I can!

 My first favourite is Ocean Salt from Lush. This is my favourite facial scrub ever! It's so refreshing and I love the way it leaves my skin feeling and it smells amazing. 

Superdrug is my go to for affordable beauty items and I use a lot of their own brand stuff because its all cruelty free. I like my moisturiser to have an SPF and this Vitamin E one is really gentle, it doesn't have a strong scent and its light enough to put on in the morning before my make up without looking shiny, it sinks in really quickly. The night version is really similar but slightly thicker in consistency which is perfect because I like something more moisturising for night. I got these on offer for £1.99 each!

This whole earth spread is amazing, its hard not to eat the whole thing in one go. Seriously I could manage it.

I always have a really dry scalp so I like to use different oils before I wash my hair. This coconut oil is amazing on my scalp, its really soothing and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. Its really helped my dry scalp and its really affordable at £2.29 a pot, I use a lot of this product, but generally a pot lasts me for 2 weeks.

After giving up my Carmex addiction I bought a few natural lip balms to try out and this one I'd forgotten about until my Dr Bronners one ran out. The Hurraw balms are organic, vegan, use raw ingredients and have a SPF 15 and are really long lasting. This is the green tea one, but there are lots of different variations. I love this product because its really long lasting, using this my lips feel moisturised for hours rather than for 20 minutes or so. 

My last favourite is this little diary planner from Paperchase its super cute and an absolute essential to keep me all organised and remind me of what's going on each day, I get seriously mixed up and can be really forgetful. 

Does anyone else feel September has just gone so quickly ???? Also its been so weirdly warm in Glasgow i'm looking forward to wearing my winter coats, but not feeling like I'll pass out the second I get inside!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New Glasses

 So although I really wanted a pair of Francis Klein glasses I really couldn't afford them, so I looked around and found some pretty ones I liked for a lot less. Glasses direct were doing a buy one get one free and I found some cat eye glasses that I fell in love with.  Generally I love cats eye glasses and the pair I have at the moment are Raybans cats eye, since I wear my glasses a lot I like to have different ones so I'm not always restricted to one pair.

The first pair I got are the London retro babs. I love these! They are more fun than my other glasses, but I'm still getting used to these as I feel the frames are quite a bit bigger than I'm used to!

The other pair I got were just a more standard frame from glasses direct own brand.

Glasses direct were really easy to order from and were amazing when I phoned up to ask questions about my prescription, they were able to answer all my questions and my glasses arrived the day after being dispatched!

Cuddles wanted in on the action.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


My cats are my babies and they make for some seriously cute photos, they just have this smooshy face that is so angry looking, in the cutest way! Cuddles and Snarf are exotic longhair and shorthair.  Often I get asked about their behaviour and what special care they need so this is a good time to write a little about how I look after them :)

Cuddles is different because she has long hair. Cuddles has an extremely thick coat that needs brushed around 4/5 times a week. She gets bad tuggy spots and matted areas really quickly if I miss a few days so brushing her is really important. In the past we have got a lion cut for Cuddles which takes away most of her body hair leaving little puffs on your cats head,paws and tail its an adorable cut and helps if your cat has bad matting or doesn't like being groomed. This cut lasts for around 8 months, but its pretty expensive so not something I would be doing frequently. If Cuddles gets a tuggy patch now I just cut it out carefully with some scissors. Long haired cats tend to get tugs under their legs and chins where they can't groom so well, so I always spend longer on those parts.

Snarf doesn't ever get any tugs, but she sheds A LOT so still needs frequent grooming. Both cats also need their face cleaned daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. This is common and almost all exotic and Persian cats have tearing. The tears stain a rusty colour and can cause clumps of stickiness on the cats face which is uncomfortable, usually my cats don't seem to bother, but I always try to keep them clean as possible. I use cotton wool and water to clean away the goop they generally hate this, but I think they must feel better after!

Other than that Cuddles and Snarf are really shy kittys. Once a window cleaner bashed the window and Cuddles and she wouldn't sit by the window for weeks! Another time Cuddles went to stay at a pet boarding while we were on holiday for a week and she was so scared that when the vets checked her over they thought she had a heart problem! It turns out she was just very nervous and her heart was totally fine, so no boarding for Cuddles ever again. 
Snarf is a reallllly quiet kitten she hardly ever meows but she trills and makes honking growling noises which are adorable.
Cuddles is really talkative and always sleeps on our pillows often wrapped round our heads, she goes to bed when we do and wakes up when we do! 

Cuddles is watching The X Factor with me just now.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The perfect coat

I have a bit of an obsession with coats, I buy a new one or two for every winter and I'm always looking for a perfect coat to go with certain shoes/bags/outfits. So far for I've bought one coat, but I've been looking around for another one and have seen so many pretty ones, but these are my favourites. I love these wrap style jackets and faux fur is always my favourite. The camel Zara coat I absolutely love, its such a pretty style and it has a hood which is always a plus for the horrible winter weather in Glasgow. Does anyone else have a problem hoarding jackets?????

Top Row
1. Zara belted coat with hood £109
2. H&M Boucle Jacket £34.99
3.River Island pink coat with faux fur collar

Bottom Row
1.Topshop Fluffy swing boyfriend coat £89
2. Oasis two tone drape coat £98
3.Oasis faux shearling drape jacket £80

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

SAAS Shopping

So obviously when I got my student loan I had to treat myself and buy some pretty things for going back to uni, books I'll buy later.

Cuddles was obviously excited because she was straight in the bag and wouldn't come out! Cuddles and Snarf love bags and boxes.

I got this necklace from River Island for £12 its gold and big which is everything I love in a necklace

This necklace I got from Tatty Devine and it was on sale so including postage only cost £27. I was so excited because I had been lusting over this necklace for a long time, but couldn't afford it at full price. 

For going back to uni I got some pretty stationary from Tiger and Paperchase, because pretty colours always makes studying more fun.

These cat page markers are just the cutest!

For autumn/winter I needed some shoes that will last so choose these cherry red patent Dr Martins, I love patent shoes and this deep red is one of my most favourite colours so these are pretty much perfect. I got these in a 4 because they run really big!

 I also got a new camera, the Canon EOS 1100D, which I love. I'm still figuring out how to work it properly, but I took some photos of Snarfs pretty face. She doesn't look too pleased, but that's just how her face looks.

Tomorrow is my uni induction day which I'm excited about. I can't believe this is my final year it has all gone by so quickly!

Sunday, 15 September 2013


So today while I was at work someone left behind a copy of some Technology newspaper, not what I'd usually read or buy, but I was bored and it was there, anyway it had lots of good articles and actually I really enjoyed it.

The article that I loved most was about Airbnb and its amazing success. Airbnb had a few obstacles to overcome, it is essentially like couch surfing, but much prettier and you usually get at least a bedroom. It seems they have managed to fix most of these problems and has built up a huge customer base.

I've looked at the castles on airbnb before and was amazed because everyone wants to sleep in a castle right ? Today I downloaded the app, which I LOVE! It's really easy to use and has lots of different categories of cute homes/castles/boats to choose from I picked a few of my favourites and made a 'Wish List' on the app, and it was hard because there are seriously so many amazing places.

My most favourite place is the B- Library room near Belvedercastle. This home is in Austria and soon as I saw those pets I was sold! I pretty much love everything about this place and the owners offer tours around local historical places. I seriously want to book up to go here, this place only costs £50 per night and is prettier than any hotel room I've ever seen. Okay so I really shouldn't be looking for places to go on holiday but I like to daydream and this site has homes that look prettier than many of my day dreams, but that I could actually afford to visit!

Has anyone ever been on holiday and actually stayed at an Airbnb place ? How was it ????? All the reviews I've seen so far have been positive I just wonder how the whole booking process goes.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Weekly must haves

This week I've been loving the Marks and Spencer miniatures they do a whole range with lip balms, moisturisers, breath spray, tissues and lots of other handy handbag sized stuff and its 2 for £2 which is such a good deal and its all cruelty free!

Recently I've been loving coconut water (only the Pineapple one), so when I saw this Mocha coconut drink in Holland and Barrett I had to try it out. A normal mocha isn't my thing, I don't like hot milky drinks so this is much more what I like, its a little expensive (£2.35), but I would buy this over a coffee which would cost a similar price 

Pink Packaging

I probably was drawn to this packaging because its pink and lovely, but I do usually really like Soap and Glory products so though this moisturiser would be pretty good and at £7.99 its really affordable, but I was disappointed. This moisturiser is really light so not ideal for dry skin. The scent of this product is strong like really really strong, similar to an orange which I could put up with since it doesn't last too long, but this product made my face itch. I put this on in the morning first thing then went to the gym and my face was red,blotchy and so crazy itchy. I'm not totally sure if that was because of this moisturiser, but since this was the only product I'd used I will be using this as a hand cream rather than a face cream. The packaging is the only thing I really like about this product.

Boots had some offers on their Sanctuary products this week when I went in so I couldn't resist as I love the Sanctuary brand and the products I've tried so far have been amazing. I choose the Warming micro-brasion polish mask and the Ultimate facial cleansing oil.

For cleansers I usually like an oil based cleanser such as Ultrabland from Lush, but sometimes Ultrabland can be a little heavy so I wanted to try something similar, but lighter. This product is supposed to dissolve, purify and moisturise all in one. This oil has a lovely gentle rose scent, its pretty subtle and isn't overpowering. As for removing make up this product works really well. I use a pump and mix with a little water and pretty much all my make up is gone. Although this product is really gentle and moisturising I would need to use a moisturiser after as my skin can still feel a little dry, however if you have oily skin maybe you could skip the moisturiser. This product has £13 which is really reasonable as 1 or 2 pumps is more than enough for the whole face.

This mask is AMAZING, it heats up as your applying it and does feel pretty warm when removing. I apply this mask pretty thickly and it has a consistency similar to toothpaste, but with sand like grains. This mask leaves my skin amazingly soft and exfoliated when I put make up on after I wear this mask I feel it actually sits better and my skin looks so much clearer. This mask is a little more expensive than other brands at £13.50, but I think its totally worth it, a tube would last me around 6 generous applications.

I also love the Sanctuary products because they are cruelty free which is something I always try to look for/purchase only cruelty free products. Got to save those little furry friends.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Home made bubble tea

On Saturday Stephen and I decided to make some bubble tea and watch X factor. Were pretty obsessed and usually get it from Easyway in Glasgow, they do super yummy tea with loads of different flavours to choose from. The passion fruit green tea is my favourite. 

We got a coffee milk tea pre made powder that came in little tea bags, a bottle of regular green tea and regular tapioca pearl. 

It was super easy to make! The pearl just needs boiled for 5 minutes till it goes soft, on the instructions it says you can mix with honey or sugar we didn't, but if I was making pearl again I probably would as they did taste a little bland.

We had the coffee milk tea cold and it seriously needed some sugar, I like my teas sugary or with honey!

The finished teas were pretty and tasted good, not a patch on Easyway, but as a cheaper alternative I have no complainants and I still have lots of pearl left to make more.

Stephen took these pretty pictures then I realised I should have taken a photo of him, I'll remember for next time his Flickr account is Xitenva where he has lots of other pretty pictures.

If you live in Glasgow and haven't been to Easyway then you should!! It's in the Savoy Centre and the teas are amazing :)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Introducing Cuddles the persian kitty cat

Cuddles is our baby so when Stephen came over with his pretty camera Wes and I couldn't resist getting some cute photos, Cuddles really wasn't so pleased.

Some facts about Cuddles
1. Cuddles is actually an Exotic longhair cat which is a Persian cross breed.
2. Cuddles is a super duper shy cat and gets scared very easily! Window cleaners terrify her!
3. Cuddles loves to sleep on our heads every single night.
4. Cuddles sister Snarf is our other baby, but Snarf lives with my family :)
5. Grooming Cuddles can be difficult because she's so fluffy and doesn't like her tummy/ legs getting brushed.
6. Adelfish Shield Wall is Cuddles real pedigree name.
7. All our clothes get covered in a layer of fluff so lint rollers are an everyday essential.

Yes I'm cat daft and will tell anyone who will listen about Cuddles and Snarf, but can you blame me ????? Just look at those faces! They bring me such happiness and are generally the cutest little balls of fluff I've laid eyes on.

I love seeing other peoples pet posts and pictures :) If you have a furry pet I most definitely want to squish it.

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