Saturday, 21 September 2013


My cats are my babies and they make for some seriously cute photos, they just have this smooshy face that is so angry looking, in the cutest way! Cuddles and Snarf are exotic longhair and shorthair.  Often I get asked about their behaviour and what special care they need so this is a good time to write a little about how I look after them :)

Cuddles is different because she has long hair. Cuddles has an extremely thick coat that needs brushed around 4/5 times a week. She gets bad tuggy spots and matted areas really quickly if I miss a few days so brushing her is really important. In the past we have got a lion cut for Cuddles which takes away most of her body hair leaving little puffs on your cats head,paws and tail its an adorable cut and helps if your cat has bad matting or doesn't like being groomed. This cut lasts for around 8 months, but its pretty expensive so not something I would be doing frequently. If Cuddles gets a tuggy patch now I just cut it out carefully with some scissors. Long haired cats tend to get tugs under their legs and chins where they can't groom so well, so I always spend longer on those parts.

Snarf doesn't ever get any tugs, but she sheds A LOT so still needs frequent grooming. Both cats also need their face cleaned daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. This is common and almost all exotic and Persian cats have tearing. The tears stain a rusty colour and can cause clumps of stickiness on the cats face which is uncomfortable, usually my cats don't seem to bother, but I always try to keep them clean as possible. I use cotton wool and water to clean away the goop they generally hate this, but I think they must feel better after!

Other than that Cuddles and Snarf are really shy kittys. Once a window cleaner bashed the window and Cuddles and she wouldn't sit by the window for weeks! Another time Cuddles went to stay at a pet boarding while we were on holiday for a week and she was so scared that when the vets checked her over they thought she had a heart problem! It turns out she was just very nervous and her heart was totally fine, so no boarding for Cuddles ever again. 
Snarf is a reallllly quiet kitten she hardly ever meows but she trills and makes honking growling noises which are adorable.
Cuddles is really talkative and always sleeps on our pillows often wrapped round our heads, she goes to bed when we do and wakes up when we do! 

Cuddles is watching The X Factor with me just now.

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