Thursday, 5 September 2013

OOTD and what's in my bag

Okay so this is my first OOTD, Wes took the photos and he did pretty good! Hopefully I can get better at setting my camera up/ get a better camera.

Dress: Primark 
Belt: Forever 21 
Jacket: River Island 
Shoes: H&M

I love the print/style of this dress, but it has no stretch whatsoever and the zip is half broken. I need to remember to always check the Primark zips because this isn't the first time I've got a dress home to find out it has a faulty zip.

There is something so satisfying about knowing what's in someone's bag. I love what's in my bag posts and I'm guilty of always carrying far too much stuff around with me. 

My recent staple bag is from Accessorize and I've been using this bag pretty much since I got it in January.  Accessorize do such lovely bags and they always last really well. 

My purse is from Primark and was super cheap, £3 I think, and it really needs replaced, but its cute and has lots of good little compartments.

Powder Compact
I always carry a powder compact around rather than my whole make up bag, powder and i'm good to go. Currently i'm using the B set sheer finish pressed powder in the lightest shade. I love this powder it's a perfect match for my skin and its really lightweight.

Lip balm
If I leave the house without a lip balm I seriously panic. Lip balm is a staple and I usually carry 2 or 3 and yes this is excessive, but totally necessary. I also have a Barry M lipstick in there.

Trying to eat healthy means I always usually carry some nuts/dried fruit so I don't have to buy something. This helps a lot as I'm a serial snacker.

Umbrella and hat 
Glasgow weather is way unpredictable so these are needed on a daily basis.

Eye drops
I wear contact lenses when I'm not wearing glasses and they can get dry sometimes so these eye drops are good for when my eyes get tired. 

I could probably carry less stuff around, but I like to be prepared and if there's room in my bag I will find stuff to fill it! 


  1. I have a Chapstick in EVERY room and BAG I have. I'm currently in Germany on holiday I'm going to see if I can buy Dr Bronners here. I don't think they have it in the states.

  2. I had this problem, I've cut down now! I got mine on Amazon because I couldn't find it in any UK shops xx


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