Monday, 9 September 2013

Home made bubble tea

On Saturday Stephen and I decided to make some bubble tea and watch X factor. Were pretty obsessed and usually get it from Easyway in Glasgow, they do super yummy tea with loads of different flavours to choose from. The passion fruit green tea is my favourite. 

We got a coffee milk tea pre made powder that came in little tea bags, a bottle of regular green tea and regular tapioca pearl. 

It was super easy to make! The pearl just needs boiled for 5 minutes till it goes soft, on the instructions it says you can mix with honey or sugar we didn't, but if I was making pearl again I probably would as they did taste a little bland.

We had the coffee milk tea cold and it seriously needed some sugar, I like my teas sugary or with honey!

The finished teas were pretty and tasted good, not a patch on Easyway, but as a cheaper alternative I have no complainants and I still have lots of pearl left to make more.

Stephen took these pretty pictures then I realised I should have taken a photo of him, I'll remember for next time his Flickr account is Xitenva where he has lots of other pretty pictures.

If you live in Glasgow and haven't been to Easyway then you should!! It's in the Savoy Centre and the teas are amazing :)

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