Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Monthly Favourites

So while doing uni working weekends I don't have much time to think about things I want to blog about. I have ideas, but not much time to take photos or do whatever else. So monthly favourites is a good way for me to have something I can write about when I've not got any other posts to work on. 

I ran out of my favourite Dr Bronners lip balm and I'd seen this balm a few times and always wanted to try it out. M&S do some of my favourite mini products, usually they have these at the till along with mini wipes, hand sanitiser ect. All M&S stuff is cruelty free. This lip balm is really good, its similar to Dr Bronners because it feels oily and a lot more moisturising than other balms that can actually dry your lips more, it's long lasting and doesn't really have any strong smells. At £1.20 this is probably my new favourite lip balm.

Last week I got a contact lens stuck in my eye, like really, really stuck. I tried to get it out for a while, but it just would not budge. Thankfully I got an appointment right away at Specsavers and a lovely lady was able to get it right out! I was so relieved because I was in pain and my eye was all horrible and swollen. I got a check to see if my eyes were okay after this and it turns out they were badly scratched on both eyes. My eyes are really sensitive and get sore super easily so I was told getting some eye drops for allergies would help. I got Opticrom and Systane and these are amazing my eyes are a whole lot better!  Before if I had sore or itchy eyes at night I could pretty much be sure that in the morning they would be a lot worse and red/itchy/sore for most of the day, but if I use these at night when my eyes are sore it makes a huge difference! 

 Sanctuary are my go to skin care brand, I think their products are super effective, gentle and generally make my skin feel a whole lot better. The thermal detox mask is good for a deep cleanse without leaving your skin feeling really dry. Its a clay based product and the warming effect is pretty strong, when removing the mask I can still feel the heat. This is around £10.50 which is a little more expensive than other brands, but this product does go a long way.

The Jasmine and Henna hair mask from Lush is a product I've had for ages but just recently been using again. This mask does leave my hair looking noticeably smoother,while being light and not leaving a heavy coating on my hair after I've washed it. When I curl my hair after using this I feel like it sits much better and the curls last longer which makes me happy. I'm obsessing over all hair growing things at the moment, so I try to use a hair mask every time I wash my hair.

I should have done a Halloween themed post, but I haven't even bought a pumpkin yet :( Hope everyone has an amazing halloween :) 

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Boyfriend Tag

So I finally recorded a video and put it on Youtube, I've done a few short ones before on holiday and stuff, but they are in bad quality and I had no idea how to fix them! I FINALLY figured it out and it was a looong process, but I had so much fun actually making this video and I really want to make more. I love watching youtubers and they all seem to be having to much fun doing it. 

So hopefully I'll have some new videos up soon :) 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

NXY Haul

Since reading so many amazing reviews of nyx make up and seeing how good it looked over and over again I really wanted to try some of their stuff out! So last week I finally got round to ordering some stuff, I ordered on the Wednesday night and it arrived by Friday morning which I was really impressed by, I later read on the site that they aim to do next day delivery which is so good for an impatient person like me. They also do free delivery for orders over £40 which is a plus.

The middle one is the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, £5.50, I love everything about this product. It smells like cupcakes is highly pigmented and isn't super drying like matte lip products can be. I want this in pretty much all the other shades. 

 Its my new favourite.

I also got the Jumbo Lip Pencil in Chaos, £5, this is a really moisturising product and its super smooth, I like this because I get such dry lips in winter.

 I got the HD Concealer Wand in the lightest shade CW1O porcelain, I wanted this to be pretty light so I could use it to brighten my under eye area so this is a perfect shade for that. I love this concealer its really good coverage and only creases a tiny bit, it also lasts all day. I didn't do swatches which is a blogging fail, but my camera had low battery. 

NYX products are much better than a lot of high street make up brands I've tried and they are all 100% cruelty free and really good quality, so excited to try some more of their products!

Has anyone else tried any amazing nyx products ?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Introducing Snarf the exotic shorthair kitty!

I did a post introducing Cuddles so I have to do one for Snarf.

1. Snarf's real pedigree name is Adefish Shield Wall, the Shield Wall part is because the guy who named her loved world of warcraft.

2. Cuddles and Snarf are sisters, but they are very different. Snarf is exotic short hair and Cuddles has long hair.

3.Snarf is a hairy monster she sheds like CRAZY, if you touch her you will get a handful it gets all over pretty much everything, this gives her pretty bad hair balls because she loves to groom herself all day long. So we give her Katalax which has cold liver oil and helps her stop getting sick from hair balls.

4. Snarf is extremely silent, she almost never meows! When she was a kitten she would open her mouth, but no sound would come out! I thought she'd lost her voice. The exception to this is when she see's birds! Then she chirps and growls.

5. Snarf LOVES melon, soon as she sees I have some she goes wild.

6. Snarf isn't super sunggly, she likes to do her own thing and doesn't like being held for too long.

I post cat pictures on Instagram pretty much everyday so if you like cat photos follow me there :)

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Style crush: Twin Peaks

So recently in-between doing loads of uni work I've been watching Twin Peaks and I'm a little obsessed. The whole setting of the show is so pretty and the cast are just some of the most flawless people I've ever set eyes on but mainly I'm obsessed with the clothes and style of the female cast, classic cuts, pencil skirts, polo knits perfect make up and the most perfect flowing locks all day long.

So I picked some pretty things that I can wear while pretending I'm a a resident. 

Earrings: Topshop £12
Red polo: Topshop £38
Pink fluffy jumper: Topshop £36
Soft Matte Lip cream NYX: £5.50
Loafers: Office £60
Green A-line skirt: Monki £20
Pink cropped knitted jumper: Topshop £42
Tartan skirt: New Look £18

I actually just bought some NYX make up after reading so many amazing reviews! So I'll post about that soon :) 
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Real Housewives Addiction

So on Saturday I finally got this book and I was SO excited, I'd been waiting ages and since I was off work I actually had time to read it. 
I was hooked and finished it by Saturday evening. I'd watched this season where Taylor was dealing with these issues, but never really thought much of it. The whole thing was pretty vague in the show. Real houswives is hella dramatic at the best of times and only shows a little of what's really going on and obviously it's over the top, but Taylor's problems were much worse that it seems on the show and although the book is definitely not a positive story, it does have a positive outcome and is totally worth a read if your a fan. 
I now want all the books by the housewives I'm just a trashy TV addict, a new season started on ITV today but I've been busy with uni work so haven't watched. 
Being back at uni has been taking up all my time, I've hardly been to the gym and I haven't had the energy to work out at home, hopefully I can get on top of it this week and get back next week. 

Today I wore this super cute Meow jumper from the Bats and Cats range at Forever 21! I love it, Cuddles meh. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013


 Yesterday I went for birthday dinner with my family so I got to wear a pretty new dress I'd got for my birthday. I love this Zara dress, its super pretty. Zara isn't my usual go to shop, but recently I've been going more and found so many pretty dresses in styles/ shapes that are exactly what I'm always looking out for. I still don't have a tripod so Wes is my photo taker and he does a good job!

Dress: Zara
Jumper: H&M
Necklace: River Island
Boots: New Look

Friday, 11 October 2013


So it's just been my birthday and I got lots of pretty stuff so shouldn't really be looking at more things, but I need breaks in between boring writing dissertation stuff.
When I was in London I went to the muji store and I love the storage boxes!! I don't really have any proper make up storage just now, but these are so perfect and really affordable.

Coco Fennel do the prettiest dresses, I already have 2 and I adore them! This sailor dress is something I can imagine wearing all the time its just SO cute. The tutti fruity one is also amazing.

Last thing i'm lusting over is some NYX make up. I've read so many good things about NYX and I really want to try a few of their lip products I've just never got round to actually ordering. I'm on a spending ban after going a little wild with birthday presents, but after I hand in some essays this stuff is on my rewards list.

Monday, 7 October 2013

A weekend in London

So for my 21st birthday I really wanted to go to London for the weekend, I'm not in to big parties but wanted to do something fun and go somewhere different. Its not actually my birthday till Wednesday, but I think a whole birthday week is appropriate. I found a deal on groupon for 2 nights in a hotel in Canary Wharf for super cheap so I booked that and got tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour which I was so excited about!

Wes and I got the train from Glasgow on friday and were in London for around half 5 we didn't do much on that night just found the hotel and wandered around. We had dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen which was really good, they do the best chocolate milkshakes!!

We ate so much yummy food!
  We went to this amazing bubble tea place in Soho, I had passion fruit green tea with popping lychee jelly and regular boba it was so yummy!!

 Then we went to Harry Potter tours, out tickets were for the last admission of the day which was at 6.30pm. If anyone is going the shuttle bus runs till 10pm not half 5 like it says on the website! The tour was all of the amazing and more. I love the costumes and wigs and just seeing how everything was built and the amazing amount of work it took to make everything come to life.

Dolores Umbridges costumes are my absolute favourite! The cat badge is just the cutest thing. Her office is also amazing with cat faces on plates and pink everything. 

The gift shop has a lot of stuff, but the prices are insane. Wes got me a chocolate frog and keyring and that cost around £15 so expensive! Also I tried butterbeer and its horrendous like so bad, I love a sugary drink and have a massive sweet tooth but this stuff is disgustingly sweet and also overpriced at £2.95 for a teeny cup.

On the Sunday we went to the British Museum. Wes loves history and was really excited about some of the exhibitions I had fun too :) 

I also went shopping on Carnaby street, but didn't really get any pictures. I loved the Monki store and could have spent a small fortune, but only actually left with a skirt however there was a voucher in the bag for 25% off so I may have bought some stuff online.

My weekend was amazing and I had so much fun! For my actual birthday on Wednesday i'm going to see Danny Elfmans music from the films of Tim Burton so i'm really excited about that! :) 

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