Monday, 7 October 2013

A weekend in London

So for my 21st birthday I really wanted to go to London for the weekend, I'm not in to big parties but wanted to do something fun and go somewhere different. Its not actually my birthday till Wednesday, but I think a whole birthday week is appropriate. I found a deal on groupon for 2 nights in a hotel in Canary Wharf for super cheap so I booked that and got tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour which I was so excited about!

Wes and I got the train from Glasgow on friday and were in London for around half 5 we didn't do much on that night just found the hotel and wandered around. We had dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen which was really good, they do the best chocolate milkshakes!!

We ate so much yummy food!
  We went to this amazing bubble tea place in Soho, I had passion fruit green tea with popping lychee jelly and regular boba it was so yummy!!

 Then we went to Harry Potter tours, out tickets were for the last admission of the day which was at 6.30pm. If anyone is going the shuttle bus runs till 10pm not half 5 like it says on the website! The tour was all of the amazing and more. I love the costumes and wigs and just seeing how everything was built and the amazing amount of work it took to make everything come to life.

Dolores Umbridges costumes are my absolute favourite! The cat badge is just the cutest thing. Her office is also amazing with cat faces on plates and pink everything. 

The gift shop has a lot of stuff, but the prices are insane. Wes got me a chocolate frog and keyring and that cost around £15 so expensive! Also I tried butterbeer and its horrendous like so bad, I love a sugary drink and have a massive sweet tooth but this stuff is disgustingly sweet and also overpriced at £2.95 for a teeny cup.

On the Sunday we went to the British Museum. Wes loves history and was really excited about some of the exhibitions I had fun too :) 

I also went shopping on Carnaby street, but didn't really get any pictures. I loved the Monki store and could have spent a small fortune, but only actually left with a skirt however there was a voucher in the bag for 25% off so I may have bought some stuff online.

My weekend was amazing and I had so much fun! For my actual birthday on Wednesday i'm going to see Danny Elfmans music from the films of Tim Burton so i'm really excited about that! :) 


  1. I am JEALOUS! I would love to go to the Harry Potter tour, huge Harry geek here! Thought I would say hi on your blog. Gorgeous girl and gorgeous blog. Happy birthday for Wednesday :) x

    1. Its amazing!! So fun :) You would love it! Awh thank you so much lovely xxx


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