Friday, 11 October 2013


So it's just been my birthday and I got lots of pretty stuff so shouldn't really be looking at more things, but I need breaks in between boring writing dissertation stuff.
When I was in London I went to the muji store and I love the storage boxes!! I don't really have any proper make up storage just now, but these are so perfect and really affordable.

Coco Fennel do the prettiest dresses, I already have 2 and I adore them! This sailor dress is something I can imagine wearing all the time its just SO cute. The tutti fruity one is also amazing.

Last thing i'm lusting over is some NYX make up. I've read so many good things about NYX and I really want to try a few of their lip products I've just never got round to actually ordering. I'm on a spending ban after going a little wild with birthday presents, but after I hand in some essays this stuff is on my rewards list.

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