Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Monthly Favourites

So while doing uni working weekends I don't have much time to think about things I want to blog about. I have ideas, but not much time to take photos or do whatever else. So monthly favourites is a good way for me to have something I can write about when I've not got any other posts to work on. 

I ran out of my favourite Dr Bronners lip balm and I'd seen this balm a few times and always wanted to try it out. M&S do some of my favourite mini products, usually they have these at the till along with mini wipes, hand sanitiser ect. All M&S stuff is cruelty free. This lip balm is really good, its similar to Dr Bronners because it feels oily and a lot more moisturising than other balms that can actually dry your lips more, it's long lasting and doesn't really have any strong smells. At £1.20 this is probably my new favourite lip balm.

Last week I got a contact lens stuck in my eye, like really, really stuck. I tried to get it out for a while, but it just would not budge. Thankfully I got an appointment right away at Specsavers and a lovely lady was able to get it right out! I was so relieved because I was in pain and my eye was all horrible and swollen. I got a check to see if my eyes were okay after this and it turns out they were badly scratched on both eyes. My eyes are really sensitive and get sore super easily so I was told getting some eye drops for allergies would help. I got Opticrom and Systane and these are amazing my eyes are a whole lot better!  Before if I had sore or itchy eyes at night I could pretty much be sure that in the morning they would be a lot worse and red/itchy/sore for most of the day, but if I use these at night when my eyes are sore it makes a huge difference! 

 Sanctuary are my go to skin care brand, I think their products are super effective, gentle and generally make my skin feel a whole lot better. The thermal detox mask is good for a deep cleanse without leaving your skin feeling really dry. Its a clay based product and the warming effect is pretty strong, when removing the mask I can still feel the heat. This is around £10.50 which is a little more expensive than other brands, but this product does go a long way.

The Jasmine and Henna hair mask from Lush is a product I've had for ages but just recently been using again. This mask does leave my hair looking noticeably smoother,while being light and not leaving a heavy coating on my hair after I've washed it. When I curl my hair after using this I feel like it sits much better and the curls last longer which makes me happy. I'm obsessing over all hair growing things at the moment, so I try to use a hair mask every time I wash my hair.

I should have done a Halloween themed post, but I haven't even bought a pumpkin yet :( Hope everyone has an amazing halloween :) 


  1. Hello Lovely, Just to let you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger & The Liebster Awards over on http://fatbeautyx.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/nominated-for-liebster-award-versatile.html


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    1. Aww thank you so much!! that makes me happy :)
      I'll have a post about this soon :)


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