Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Introducing Snarf the exotic shorthair kitty!

I did a post introducing Cuddles so I have to do one for Snarf.

1. Snarf's real pedigree name is Adefish Shield Wall, the Shield Wall part is because the guy who named her loved world of warcraft.

2. Cuddles and Snarf are sisters, but they are very different. Snarf is exotic short hair and Cuddles has long hair.

3.Snarf is a hairy monster she sheds like CRAZY, if you touch her you will get a handful it gets all over pretty much everything, this gives her pretty bad hair balls because she loves to groom herself all day long. So we give her Katalax which has cold liver oil and helps her stop getting sick from hair balls.

4. Snarf is extremely silent, she almost never meows! When she was a kitten she would open her mouth, but no sound would come out! I thought she'd lost her voice. The exception to this is when she see's birds! Then she chirps and growls.

5. Snarf LOVES melon, soon as she sees I have some she goes wild.

6. Snarf isn't super sunggly, she likes to do her own thing and doesn't like being held for too long.

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