Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Real Housewives Addiction

So on Saturday I finally got this book and I was SO excited, I'd been waiting ages and since I was off work I actually had time to read it. 
I was hooked and finished it by Saturday evening. I'd watched this season where Taylor was dealing with these issues, but never really thought much of it. The whole thing was pretty vague in the show. Real houswives is hella dramatic at the best of times and only shows a little of what's really going on and obviously it's over the top, but Taylor's problems were much worse that it seems on the show and although the book is definitely not a positive story, it does have a positive outcome and is totally worth a read if your a fan. 
I now want all the books by the housewives I'm just a trashy TV addict, a new season started on ITV today but I've been busy with uni work so haven't watched. 
Being back at uni has been taking up all my time, I've hardly been to the gym and I haven't had the energy to work out at home, hopefully I can get on top of it this week and get back next week. 

Today I wore this super cute Meow jumper from the Bats and Cats range at Forever 21! I love it, Cuddles meh. 

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