Sunday, 15 September 2013


So today while I was at work someone left behind a copy of some Technology newspaper, not what I'd usually read or buy, but I was bored and it was there, anyway it had lots of good articles and actually I really enjoyed it.

The article that I loved most was about Airbnb and its amazing success. Airbnb had a few obstacles to overcome, it is essentially like couch surfing, but much prettier and you usually get at least a bedroom. It seems they have managed to fix most of these problems and has built up a huge customer base.

I've looked at the castles on airbnb before and was amazed because everyone wants to sleep in a castle right ? Today I downloaded the app, which I LOVE! It's really easy to use and has lots of different categories of cute homes/castles/boats to choose from I picked a few of my favourites and made a 'Wish List' on the app, and it was hard because there are seriously so many amazing places.

My most favourite place is the B- Library room near Belvedercastle. This home is in Austria and soon as I saw those pets I was sold! I pretty much love everything about this place and the owners offer tours around local historical places. I seriously want to book up to go here, this place only costs £50 per night and is prettier than any hotel room I've ever seen. Okay so I really shouldn't be looking for places to go on holiday but I like to daydream and this site has homes that look prettier than many of my day dreams, but that I could actually afford to visit!

Has anyone ever been on holiday and actually stayed at an Airbnb place ? How was it ????? All the reviews I've seen so far have been positive I just wonder how the whole booking process goes.

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