Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New Glasses

 So although I really wanted a pair of Francis Klein glasses I really couldn't afford them, so I looked around and found some pretty ones I liked for a lot less. Glasses direct were doing a buy one get one free and I found some cat eye glasses that I fell in love with.  Generally I love cats eye glasses and the pair I have at the moment are Raybans cats eye, since I wear my glasses a lot I like to have different ones so I'm not always restricted to one pair.

The first pair I got are the London retro babs. I love these! They are more fun than my other glasses, but I'm still getting used to these as I feel the frames are quite a bit bigger than I'm used to!

The other pair I got were just a more standard frame from glasses direct own brand.

Glasses direct were really easy to order from and were amazing when I phoned up to ask questions about my prescription, they were able to answer all my questions and my glasses arrived the day after being dispatched!

Cuddles wanted in on the action.


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