Saturday, 7 September 2013

Introducing Cuddles the persian kitty cat

Cuddles is our baby so when Stephen came over with his pretty camera Wes and I couldn't resist getting some cute photos, Cuddles really wasn't so pleased.

Some facts about Cuddles
1. Cuddles is actually an Exotic longhair cat which is a Persian cross breed.
2. Cuddles is a super duper shy cat and gets scared very easily! Window cleaners terrify her!
3. Cuddles loves to sleep on our heads every single night.
4. Cuddles sister Snarf is our other baby, but Snarf lives with my family :)
5. Grooming Cuddles can be difficult because she's so fluffy and doesn't like her tummy/ legs getting brushed.
6. Adelfish Shield Wall is Cuddles real pedigree name.
7. All our clothes get covered in a layer of fluff so lint rollers are an everyday essential.

Yes I'm cat daft and will tell anyone who will listen about Cuddles and Snarf, but can you blame me ????? Just look at those faces! They bring me such happiness and are generally the cutest little balls of fluff I've laid eyes on.

I love seeing other peoples pet posts and pictures :) If you have a furry pet I most definitely want to squish it.

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