Friday, 13 September 2013

Pink Packaging

I probably was drawn to this packaging because its pink and lovely, but I do usually really like Soap and Glory products so though this moisturiser would be pretty good and at £7.99 its really affordable, but I was disappointed. This moisturiser is really light so not ideal for dry skin. The scent of this product is strong like really really strong, similar to an orange which I could put up with since it doesn't last too long, but this product made my face itch. I put this on in the morning first thing then went to the gym and my face was red,blotchy and so crazy itchy. I'm not totally sure if that was because of this moisturiser, but since this was the only product I'd used I will be using this as a hand cream rather than a face cream. The packaging is the only thing I really like about this product.

Boots had some offers on their Sanctuary products this week when I went in so I couldn't resist as I love the Sanctuary brand and the products I've tried so far have been amazing. I choose the Warming micro-brasion polish mask and the Ultimate facial cleansing oil.

For cleansers I usually like an oil based cleanser such as Ultrabland from Lush, but sometimes Ultrabland can be a little heavy so I wanted to try something similar, but lighter. This product is supposed to dissolve, purify and moisturise all in one. This oil has a lovely gentle rose scent, its pretty subtle and isn't overpowering. As for removing make up this product works really well. I use a pump and mix with a little water and pretty much all my make up is gone. Although this product is really gentle and moisturising I would need to use a moisturiser after as my skin can still feel a little dry, however if you have oily skin maybe you could skip the moisturiser. This product has £13 which is really reasonable as 1 or 2 pumps is more than enough for the whole face.

This mask is AMAZING, it heats up as your applying it and does feel pretty warm when removing. I apply this mask pretty thickly and it has a consistency similar to toothpaste, but with sand like grains. This mask leaves my skin amazingly soft and exfoliated when I put make up on after I wear this mask I feel it actually sits better and my skin looks so much clearer. This mask is a little more expensive than other brands at £13.50, but I think its totally worth it, a tube would last me around 6 generous applications.

I also love the Sanctuary products because they are cruelty free which is something I always try to look for/purchase only cruelty free products. Got to save those little furry friends.

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