Monday, 16 December 2013

No Poo Method, Review and How To!

Recently I've been trying a new hair washing routine to help with growing pretty long hair and to soothe my sore scalp. For the past year or so I've had problems with a really dry/sore scalp and tried a bunch of prescription medicated shampoo and scalp treatments with no real improvement. Medicated scalp treatments tend to be full of chemicals and the ones I used would strip the dyed black out of my hair and be SO nippy on my scalp when I applied them. I tried using coconut oil and different dry oils in-between, washed my hair more often/ less often but it would always be pretty annoying.

So I decided to give up the medicated shampoos and use other natural methods to try fix my scalp. I bought the Lush Trichomania solid shampoo bar which helped because its pretty moisturising but I was still getting dryness so I decided to try the no poo method after I was told how amazing it was.

 So no poo haircare basically is where you don't use normal shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair. Instead you use baking soda as a shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioning rinse.
Most normal shampoos strip the natural oils from your hair and your scalp can then over produce oils meaning you need to wash your hair more as it will get greasy more quickly. 
Other benefits include 
- More body
- Added shine
- Its really cheap
- Improved scalp condition, because regular shampoos can have lots of irritating ingredients. 

This method is really easy to do !
1. First mix 1 or 2 spoonfuls of baking soda with water and use this as a shampoo, this is actually a little tricky because it doesn't produce any lather, nothing at all so its hard to tell if your doing it right or if your hair is actually getting clean! But as long as you've rubbed it in and rinsed good your hair will be all nice and clean! This step can be done twice if you have lots of build up or don't was your hair as regularly. 

2. For conditioner I used  this Dr Bronners conditioning rinse instead of the vinegar because my hair is really dry and this has more conditioning oils, but using cider vinegar or any other conditioning rise is fine. You dilute this with water the same as the shampoo!

After my first wash using this my hair felt SO dry I used some coconut oil after I had blow dried and it helped a lot. Apart from that my hair did feel clean and my scalp felt dry. I went a week until my next wash and my scalp was greasier than usual (this is normal while your scalp adjusts to the change), but my scalp felt better and wasn't so itchy!

I'm now at the end of my third week using this method and my scalp isn't getting so greasy any more and my scalp is a whole lot better! Also my hair looks lovely and shiny and its SO SOFT! I'm surprised by how good the results of this have been and I would definitely recommend this method especially if you suffer from a dry/sore scalp like I did, It does take some getting used to but the benefits are really worth suffering that for a week or so. 



  1. Just watched your video! Brilliant video and blog post :) Love it! Your hair is gorgeous , hair envy here haha :) lovely! Might try this method out :D
    Ava xox

    1. Aw thanks so much lovely :)! I'm obsessing with hair growing things at the moment!!
      Yeah its really good!!!

      Maxine xxxx

  2. Your advice is really good and the result speaks for itself. Have you tried eggs or beer for results? What I love most about the entire tests and results is that it's environmental friendly and doesn't harm any animals in testing! All L'Oreal products for example, including Garnier, are tested on poor animals and every commercial is a big lie. So thank you for this superb blog and a new way to treat our hair naturally and with superb results.

  3. I use a shampoo and conditioner that was created by a gang of scientists and that have no patabens or nasties. It leaves my hair in the most beautiful condition without using a massive amount of product, so it lasts for a long time. It is also produced with the highest ethical standards. If you want to find out about it please feel free to contact me. But... This is NOT a blatant ad for my product, it is just a genuine offer of something that might help. I do market the company's products but actually this line is not one I actively promote - just use... Most people would rather buy the glamorous or cheaper stuff that is full of nasty chemicals. So I am not about trying to change the world!

    1. Would love to know more, Marianne at

  4. I have become desperate to find a natural way to get my hair which use to be Beautiful, full, and long, to stop falling out. I am going to try this and will let you know how it goes.

    1. I am 50 years old an my hair has been getting thin too, starting about 10 years ago. I used to have MAJORLY super-thick hair, but no more. I started taking Biotin (a b-vitamin), 1500 mg per day, and after about 2 months I could see hair regrowing around my scalp, and as my hair didn't LOOK so thin, I think it's regrowing all over my head! Unfortunately, I went through a financial rough patch and wasn't able to buy the Biotin for about 3 months, and my hair started falling out again. (I still get some falling out, but at a more 'normal' rate.) About 2 months ago I started taking 5000mg of Biotin daily, and I think it's working better. You just have to make sure to take it daily! I use the Nature Made brand from my local grocery store, about $15 for 50 soft gels, and I take advantage of the BOGO sales on vitamins! I used to wash HUGE amounts of hair down the drain and loose HUGE amounts in my daily hair brushing, but not any more. I'm going to try this method soon, maybe after the new year. BTW, she also has another video from doing this for 6 months:

  5. I have shoulder length fine hair, but lots of is very susceptible to dryness. Try to use as little Baking Soda as possible because too much can be drying to the hair. I use about one teaspoon of Baking Soda applied dry to my hairline (after hair has been wetted down ready for cleaning) and then I massage it into the hair and scalp, after about 30 seconds you will feel the "clean. Your REALLY need to use the vinegar rinse in order to gain the most benefits. The vinegar makes the hair folicles lay flat which allows for the silky non tangled feel...dont need any oil based product for a rinse. I use about an ounce of Apple Cider vinegar to approx 12 ounce glass of water Vinegar also removes hardwater residue which is a VERY important in gaining the bouncy hair and helping to prevent split ends.


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