Sunday, 5 January 2014

Brazilian Blowdry, before and after/ review!

On Friday I was really brave and went to the hairdressers for the first time in ages. I had a bad experience with a hair relaxer in 2008 and this is pretty much my hair fully recovered and growing nicely. I've heard good things about brazillian blowdrys and came across a deal on for Style Ikon in Tollcross glasgow, they were offering a Brazilian Blowdry for £79 instead of £250 a pretty amazing saving. After seeing the before and after pictures on their facebook page I was sold. 

The website states that this Brazilian blowdry treatment will 
"1. Eliminate frizzy damaged burnt hair your hair will start growing 
2.Gives shine damaged hair even blonde , amazing beautiful healthy hair 
3.Amazing straightening effect for curly frizzy hair and all hair types
4.Will repair hair to the extent you'll think you have new hair 
5.No heat humidity on holiday or on nights out 
6.Cuts your styling time down to minutes 
7.In most cases no need for straightening irons
8.only takes about an hr to complete treatment and can last for 6 months
9. No need to wait 4 days to wash hair , this is instant results
10.Botox for hair , you will be amazed with results expect a miracle "
Before the treatment I was nervous that it would be really strong and possibly damaging to my hair or scalp, but throughout the treatment there wasn't a strong chemical smell and my scalp didn't burn or feel strange! From start to finish I was at the salon for 2 and a half hours. My hair was washed with a clarifying shampoo the treatment applied then blow-dried and straightened. After that my hair was soooo soft and smooth I was amazed with the results its silky smooth, looks a whole lot longer and even the split ends were magically smooth! I would agree with pretty much all the things stated on their website I have never ever had such smooth, healthy looking hair, my natural hair is extremely coarse and dry so I can't stop touching my new hair!
Since Friday my hair has stayed perfectly silky smooth and I am so pleased with the results! To make sure this treatment lasts you need to use products that are sulphate free other than that I can do everything I normally would. I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone with thick frizzy/damaged hair or just anyone who wants some amazing shiny hair! I'm also on a hair growing mission so hopefully this treatment helps with that.
I've not washed my hair yet, but I'll do an update when I do so I can compare the before and after!

I made a video about the treatment where you can see my natural hair better! Also today I hit 100 youtube subscribers! I'm still a newbie and getting used to the whole video making thing, but its been so fun so far and it means a lot to me that people have been really kind and supportive :)! 


  1. I've thought about doing this so many times but never got around to it - the result is amazing, your hair looks so shiny and gorgeous! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I was totally the same! So glad I finally got it my hair is happy :) thank you!!!


  2. Oh wow ! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous- what amazing results <3


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