Friday, 17 January 2014

Etsy Favourites: Paper Cut Art Shop

Yesterday I received this amazing little family portrait in the post and I'm in love! It's the cutest little drawing ever! Totally nailed my cats little sleepy, smooshy faces and made my hair look totally fancy!  

I ordered this from Papercut Art Shop after seeing amazing pictures of their other portraits on Instagram. I sent some pictures of what I wanted the final to look like and I'm soo pleased! 

Also I didn't have a photo of us all together as Snarf and Cuddles actually live in different houses, but they are my babies and I wanted them both in the picture! So it was amazing that from my photos Tom and Kiki were able to make those little changes! I would totally reccomending checking this shop out on Etsy as everything they make is totally adorable and really unique! 

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